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  1. RasterSoft,

    I have been stumbling upon links and IRC chats all morning searching for the guy who runs the mozy.org web links. In one of his links, where he is discussing Sega Genesis homebrew efforts, he mentions Frog Feast which is how I found my way to the website. I am huge fan of old school games, homebrew development, and I have recently been wanting to explore more low level and hardware types of problems. If it is possible, I was wondering if you had the contact information for “mozy” and/or could put me in touch with someone to avoid the Internet run-around.



  2. Hello,

    i’m the creator of the Series “Sprites, Shapes & Co”, a series about Videogames, mainly Indiegames for old Consoles. A few hours ago i released the actual episode which shows every homebrew- / Indiegame for Dreamcast, except Frog Feast. Is it possible to purchase a copy of Frog Feast, please? It would be a very nice addition for the next part of this Episode…

    The Series “Sprites, Shapes & Co” with the mentioned Episode:


    With best regards


  3. Hi Charles,

    I found your name in association with Defender of the Crown. Most of the links were dead, but from what I gather you were working on a port to the Game Boy Color (perhaps way back when), and recently to IOS and Android.

    I’m interested in doing a port of the game to the Intellivision (of which you appear to be a fan?), and i was wondering if you’ve come across source code supports previously done to the Commodore 64, NES, etc. it certainly would be helpful to gain a full understanding of the game mechanics.

    By the way, I’m the author of DK Arcade and D2K arcade for the Intellivision (in case you’ve heard of them).

    Anyway, your project certainly look interesting and I look forward to reading about the more. Carl

    • Hi Carl,

      I haven’t came across any source code for Defender of the Crown. Most everything I’ve programmed has been displaying the screens, and nothing to do with the game play. I have an Intellivision, but haven’t followed much of the homebrew, except for some of the Elektronite stuff.

      If I remember correctly, you were also behind the busop.cit.wayne.edu SNES development site? Excellent site, that got me interested in programming for the SNES.

      • Wow, seeing that “busop” address made my eyes pop! I can’t believe someone would remember my name from way back then. I definitely miss those days!

        This site claims that Defender Of The Crown’s source code has been released in some way, at least the music files:

        By the way, D2K (my game) is a Elektronite release. They would like me to finish Defender of the Crown and release it under the Elektronite label.

        If you’d like to see a description of D1K/D2K, you can take a quick look at my blog:

        I’m also interested in what you’ve done for Chinese-made hardware and whether or not you’ve tackled the NES on a chip architecture. I’ve written something very interesting for it, and I was wondering if there was any outlet for that (some way to publish it).

        It would be great to talk further. My e-mail address is:

  4. Happy New Year!

    I don’t find a e-mail contact, so i write this comment.

    I bought the GameGadget, because it’s cheap now :8 … but, where can i find downloads (are there other homebrew games without yours?) and tutorial links (the official forum is dead like the handheld himself)?

    Do you plan more games for the GG?

    Cheers! (from Germany)
    Tobi / topfree.de

  5. Hi Charles,
    It’s a pleasure to see your nickname on scene again, after so many years!. I have some questions for you, Charles concerning Neo-Geo:
    -Do you have ported The Keith Apicary Sega Genesis demo for Neo ?;Do you plan to release source code, Roms & iso?
    -Do you plan to develop more games or tech-Demos and continue to develop your libs (*) created & used in FrogFeast for NG CD?
    -> for example, porting your ‘Worm Warrior’ Game on Neo-geo systems would be a cool idea !
    (*) for the moment few people used them; for your information, pocket_lucho (Oh Mummy Genesis) has made some tutorials & tests : http://www.retrovicio.org/foro/showthread.php?9639-Programacion-de-la-neogeo
    Do you know these differents Neo’s Homebrews: ‘Time’s UP!’,’Neo Thunder’,’NeoGeo-2-Player-Tetris’,’Knight’s Chance’ & may be ‘Neo Invaders’…
    Concerning NeoGeo Development Wiki, Furrtek, Elbarto and contributors have done a great job since few years ! Do you know this Wiki, and what do you thing of …?
    -Do you planed to became a futur contributor? This would be a good news …
    It would be great to talk further.
    Regards! (from France)
    to find the french Forum (YARONET)’Programmation & Homebrew sur Neo Geo’
    => used Gxxgle+key Word ‘SDK NEODEV’ 🙂

  6. A couple years back I came across your website when it had Frog Feast on it.
    I spent a few days porting it to the Colecovision, even released a demo.

    But back then you couldn’t release the sound for licensing reasons, and nobody in the Colecovision community seemed interested without sound… oh well, it was still a fun programming a port, even if ultimately it was a failure for me personally as a porting effort.

    So I just randomly came by your site again today and now you have a new program worm warrior? Neat!

    I didn’t quite catch the licensing for Worm Warrior though – are we allowed to port it to other platforms? I don’t care much for Colecovision, that was just a lark, but there are some platforms that might be cool to support.

    Thanks for the entertaining website!


    • The code is in the public domain. Some of the images are recolored versions of the Advance Wars sprites by Nintendo; the rest are from random places on the internet.

      I’d be interested in hearing about your ports.

  7. Hello cdoty,
    sorry to annoy you but do you still have your CDi stuff ?
    I was able to get the OS9C compiler and Balboa but the source code of CDI Frog Feast is not longer online… 🙁
    I really want to make homebrew games for CDI so you have anything useful for me (examples etc…) , that would be great !

    My email adress : gameblabla[at]openmailbox.org

  8. Hello rastersoft,
    don’t you happen to have Didj’s toolchain ?
    It’s completely gone now.
    I would like to buy one and port emulators to it.
    If you don’t have it, do you know at least how to compile the toolchain ?

    Also, any progress on frog feast’s cdi source code ?

    Thank you cdoty

  9. I would like to ask your permission to distribute the Playstation game you made, called Sporting Clays.

    I realise it’s been a long time since since this site has been updated, but the fact it still exists gives me hope. I hope this message finds you!

    I’m a Raspberry Pi and Sinden Lightgun user. I am also an admin on the Sinden Lightgun users’ discord server (where I am known as Widge) and we maintain a Raspberry Pi image pre-configured for lightgun games which we call “Barebones”. It’s a strict policy of ours not to facilitate software piracy so our image doesn’t contain any game roms and we don’t give links to rom sites. The image is “Barebones” because it provides the framework ready for users to install their own games, with little-to-no configuration needed on their part. But it would be nice to have a game or two included on the image so that new lightgun owners will be able to jump straight into some lightgun action.

    To clarify, Barebones is a community-made image, and as such it’s completely free to download, using only open-source software and fan-made content. We want to keep it completely above board and legal, so no pirated game roms or bios files are included. Nobody profits from Barebones, anyone who wants it can download it from our wiki page at https://www.sindenwiki.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi_Setup_Guide

    I wonder if you would be willing to allow me to include Sporting Clays as a pre-installed game on the next update of Barebones (v9.2), which I hope to have ready this year. I would be very grateful if you would permit it, as I’m sure would countless more Lightgun enthusiasts.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

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