I’ve added the unsigned EBOOT file back in, as it needs to be unsigned to run on a PS Vita, from what I’m told. The unsigned EBOOT.PBP file is in the ‘Unsigned’ folder. It needs to be copied over the EBOOT.PBP in the ‘WormWarrior’ folder.

Thanks to Another World, on the GBATemp forums, I fixed a hard coded path issue. If the game was placed in any folder, other than ‘/PSP/Game/WormWarrior’, the game would fail to load. I fixed the problem by using relative paths. I had initially tried this, but, when running under PSPLink, the current working directory is ‘host:’ rather than the game folder.

The new version can be downloaded from:

Worm Warrior PSP

PSPLink is an excellent way to troubleshoot PSP issues, but causes issues with flickering screens, input, and exiting. I initially thought my rendering code was bad; but once I compiled to an EBOOT file all of the problems disappeared. This ate up a lot of time to figure this out, D’oh!

My favorite sound system, Hekkus Sound System (HSS), work nicely on the PSP when recompiled with the latest DevKitPro toolchain. I made one change to ensure the buffer size is correct: in the sceAudioChReserve function I wrapped the second function parameter with the PSP_AUDIO_SAMPLE_ALIGN() macro. HSS only supports a 44,100 playback frequency on the PSP.

PSP paths must be in the form “ms0:/PSP/GAME/GameName”, some of the code I saw used “ms0:PSP/GAME/GameName”. The second format seems to work fine with the SceIo functions, but fopen requires the first and SceIo has no problem with it.

Here’s the port of Worm Warrior to the PSP:

Worm Warrior PSP Screenshot

Worm Warrior PSP

To install, copy the ‘WormWarrior’ folder, in WormWarriorPSP.rar, to the ‘PSP\GAME’ folder on the memory card or PSP.

The game will work on a PSP with normal or custom firmware, as it was signed with PSPcrypter. If the signed version doesn’t work on a PSP with custom firmware, copy the EBOOT.PBP in the ‘Alt’ folder to ‘PSP\GAME\WormWarrior’ folder.

To play use:

Directional Pad to move

X to shooter

Start to start the game

Home to exit.