4 comments on “Initial version of BLT for Ludum Dare finished

  1. Hello!

    I writing a review of your SNES Homebrew game BLT, and I have some doubts: I played for at least 10 minutes and after some point, the Bacon stopped evolving and nothing else happened in the game, is it like that?

    And the second thing, where are you from? We are putting flags in the reviews of the games, so I would appreciate it a lot if you told me 🙂

    Are you writing any other SNES game?

    Thanks a lot!

    • The game was written for a Ludum Dare game jam, and as I got closer to the deadline I had to start simplifying things. It will only upgrade to a full sandwich, and then it stops, 10 minutes is about right.

      I am from The Chicago area in the USA.

      I would like to develop more SNES stuff, but I’ve been pretty busy lately.

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