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  1. Just found your link on the elinux wiki, loaded the game up on my Didj, worked awesome. Very good job. Was it hard to get it to work with the menu system? I’d like to add how to do that to the wiki page. If you’re ever on IRC freenode, stop by #Didj Thanks for posting this. – Jason

    • The biggest challenge was figuring out how to display error messages (printf debugging), since I don’t have a serial connection. I eventually created a log and appended the messages to it. Once I did that, it was easy enough to modify losinggeneration’s code (http://losinggeneration.homelinux.org/2010/04/29/didj-opengl-es/) to test out the Didj supported features. I would eventually like to figure out how to get sound working; but the only option appears to be writing an interface to Leapfrog’s audio library (which is a c++ class).

      Interfacing with the menu system is just a matter of including the correct files (again, based on losinggeneration’s example) and a compatible executable.

    • That is too bad about the sound, I don’t know much about that side of it myself, so of little help there. But thanks for posting your work.

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